Sport Investing
Jun 2021 - Nov 2021
Designer, Art Director
Designing a first version
of the sport/crypto platform
Product design, visual design, design system, leadership
My role
We interviewed stakeholders and emphasized the main product problems in the initial stage. Attracting the first investment for a startup with the help of positioning and a unique MVP solution.
Project Overview
Project goal
Create the first version of the product that meets the standards of the blockchain industry (user behavior patterns).
Design the first user experience for a new investment platform unrivaled in the World
About platform
SI - the platform of monetization popularity of sports clubs and athletes through blockchain technology, fan tokens, and WEB 3.0.
One day we received the appointment in the calendar..
..and realized the idea
How it started?
Competitor analysis
Together with the team, we studied our competitors' products. This allowed us to understand what features they have on their platforms.
User interviews
We ordered 5-7 user interviews in Independent Company with users from crypto/sports platformers to gather insights about their experience using other platforms and what features are important to them in the MVP.
Defining the scope for MVP
We negotiated with developers to determine what features and information we could technically realize and display on the platform
And the requirements and restrictions
After collecting all the necessary information, the development team and I created a list of functionality requirements and discussed the implementation plan. Once the stakeholders approved it, we began working on user concepts and design.
70% — crypto-enthusiasts
30% — sport-fans
What’re the users pains?
1. Financial statements
2. Onboarding
3. Purchases
4. Security and privacy
What is the audience?
How will we measure of success?
The result of discovery
500-1k — registered users on the platform
~$0.015 — token capitalization after listing
What were the limitations?
1. The design should be multilingual with support for Arabic
2. No bets. The platform should be positioned as halal
Wireframes and user flow
For the wireframes we main pages more than 50 screens and in addition to that we created a full user flow to understand user scenarios and extract user points of touch with the ecosystem.
Dozen of concepts
Final design
The user interface was created with the Design System. It helped the team to increase the speed of development. However, since this is an MVP, it was really hard to keep the components up to date.
After signing in, users thought out onboarding. They can buy SITX tokens, then buy their first sportsmen/club token.
In the profile, some of our users have more than 30 tokens of athletes/clubs and control the profitability or drops in the price of purchased assets.
Onboarding and profile pages
Sport Clubs and Athletes pages
Athletes have a certain logic - they are traded either by market price or by rating (for example — MMA athletes)
Initial Athlete page
Based on the research, our task was to comply with all the subtleties of working with the crypto platform in the buying moment.

The user should have enough information to make a decision.
Other pages
For the client, we have created more than 20 unique pages with a variety of functionality for the first launch of the service.
We created a new homepage and several internal sections for the first version of the MVP.
Token capitalization
As a result
General outcomes
After launching platform
Tested 1.5 month. Our cohort was ~10000 users for one test option.
What is next?
1. The company changed its name to Most Fans and did pivot. Focused on not only athletes but and artists and celebrities.
The experiment to improve the program page continues....
A new company and new positioning
2. Now Most Fan is the go-to solution for fans and celebrities, offering everything they need.
We got good feedback from the service clients, especially since, we adjusted the athlete/club cards on the homepage depending on users' geo-positioning.
1. A working MVP solution, with a limited set of functions: deposit/withdrawal, purchase of athlete/club tokens.
1. The number of users registered on the platform (passed registration, made active actions) is 1.2K - 1.5k.
After the development, we analyzed the design and failures in the design of the first solution.
Our reflection
Be sure that we learn from our mistakes and will not repeat them. There is no development without mistakes
During my practice, I have worked with many specialists of various profiles and I can say with confidence that Anton and his team have shown themselves to be true professionals who will always do the job on time and with very high quality.

In addition to work, they are not indifferent to the fate of the project they are working on and they try to help and suggest in all matters, they put their soul into the work, this is very valuable in our time.

If you think it's worth working with Anton and his team, I can say with confidence that it's worth it.
Product Owner, Sport Investing LTD
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